Resilient Flooring Restorative Services

Restore the Brand-New Look of Your Flooring

Higgins Flooring Services restorative care for resilient floors will have your commercial vinyl flooring looking brand new in no time. At Higgins, we restore floors to their original, beautiful shine, which we maintain with routine preventative care.

When compared with other surfaces, the long-lasting durability of resilient floors assures the optimum return on your investment. Although initial costs are higher, rubber flooring is strong, tough, and generally more stain-resistant than other materials. Vinyl accounts for the majority of resilient flooring.

Over time, even a well-maintained finish will develop yellowing, scuff marks, and visible wear patterns in high-traffic areas. Our expert refinishing returns stained or damaged resilient floors to a “like new” appearance.

Higgins employs a variety of techniques to restore the clean, bright look of all resilient flooring finishes and surfaces.

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