Tile & Grout Preventative Maintenance Services

Professional Tile and Grout Preventative Maintenance

We professionally clean and maintain tile & grout to enhance the clean and bright look of your floors. Preventative maintenance assures long-lasting performance and keeps floors looking their best.

Preventative tile & grout services preserve the gleaming cleanliness of tile floors in healthcare, education and other critical environments. Heavy-duty cleaning and sanitizing eliminate deep stains, odors, and residue that can dull the beauty of tile and ceramic floors over time.

Higgins recommends periodical heavy-duty cleanings to assure the integrity of ceramic floors. Our professional expertise is essential when choosing gentle, yet effective products since harsh cleaners can eat away at tile grout. For example, porcelain tile that has been treated with a coating must be stripped to allow cleaning under the finish. We know how to handle even your most challenging floors!

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