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Cost-Effective Stone and Concrete Cleaning

Higgins is dedicated to preserving the appearance of all your commercial stone and terrazzo floors. Restorative care is essential to maintaining the stately beauty of marble floors in city government buildings. Terrazzo floors are made with embedded chips of marble stones and other types of natural stones and cement. We professionally grind and patch your terrazzo floors to return them to their original pristine condition.

Special restorative techniques are vital to cleaning and maintaining concrete and stone floors. Our knowledge of natural stone floor restoration, scratch removal, and concrete refinishing is invaluable when creating a fresh look in educational buildings or commercial interiors.

Honing and polishing can restore the aesthetics of beautiful and functional stone, terrazzo, and concrete floors designed for low maintenance and environmental friendliness. Higgins has the experience you need when choosing professional sealing and restorative services for concrete, natural stone, and marble floors.

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